Our drivers are dependable, honest, and trained to safely manage your hauling needs. Our operations are concentrated in the Mid Ohio Valley, providing us strategic access to destinations throughout the Midwest and beyond. We offer both dedicated and as-needed service to meet the demands of your company.

Dump Truck

JHC’s fleet of drivers specialize in hauling contaminated materials, rock, earthen materials, and other debris in our road-safe dump trucks. Whether you are planning a project that will generate debris or need dump truck hauling services routinely, JHC has the equipment and professionals available to suit your industrial, commercial, or residential needs.

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Vac Truck & Trailer Services

When you are dealing with liquid, solid, and sludge wastes, you can rely on JHC’s team of professional vac truck operators to safely remove them from your site in an environmentally-sound and compliant manner. JHC team members are available to handle your materials in an emergency or on a routine schedule.

During each service, JHC will:
  • Safely vac out materials from the equipment or area
  • Thoroughly clean out the equipment or area
  • Pump materials into a designated container OR
  • Transport them for disposal in compliance with environmental law.

JHC has the equipment, experience, and training to pump out liquid, solid, and sludge wastes from even the toughest to reach areas.

Bulk Dry Delivery & Liquid Tankers

No matter the distance, JHC will safely and reliably deliver your bulk solid or liquid materials. Our dry bulk trailers range in size from 40 cubid yards to 100 cubic yards. Our liquid bulk tankers can hold up to 5,000 gallons.

Heavy Hauling Transport

For other types of cargo, such as bulk products, construction materials, heavy machinery, and agricultural equipment, JHC has a wide variety of trailers to suit your transportation needs. JHC drivers are trained to securely and safely rig both normal and over-sized loads in a manner that complies with highway safety and security requirements. With over 50 years of material hauling experience, JHC understands the importance of delivering your materials on time and in good condition.

JHC can supply you with the flatbed transport, pilot, and escort cars required for your flatbed transport and acquire all necessary permits. Like our bulk distribution and delivery service, we are conveniently based in the MOV for strategic access to the Midwest and all 50 states. Licensed, bonded, and insured, you can rest assured that your cargo is safe with JHC.