Tanks Service Stations

JHC offers a variery of services to fueling stations. From sales and installations of dispensers, islands and canopies to testing underground and above ground storage tanks, we can meet your needs.

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  • Dispenser sales and installation
  • Service of dispenser meters and gears
  • Sales and installation of hoses, fittings and nozzles
  • Sales and installation of sumps, piping and electric

Tanks & Testing

  • Sales and installation of UST/AST tanks
  • Sales and service of motors, STP sumps, spill buckets and overfill protection
  • Testing
    • ATG (Automatic tank guaging
    • Hydrostatic testing of sumps and spill buckets
    • Drop tube inspection and compliance
    • STI certified AST inspection
    • Fit for service inspection

Islands and Canopies

  • Sales and installation of island forms and canopies
  • Repairs including: concrete, paint, lighting, roofs and fascia
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