Environmental Consulting

Our consultants have extensive knowledge on environmental regulations. We can help you navigate through issues such as land and water contamination, waste management policies, air assessments, environmental audits, impact assessments and site characterization. JHC can assist you in avoiding possible fines, legal actions and ill advised transactions.

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Brownfield Redevelopment

What is Brownfield Redevelopment?

Brownfield properties includes areas in which the redevelopment or reuse of said property may be complicated by the presence of contamination. Redeveloping these properties helps protects the environment, allows for the reuse of existing infrastructure, and may help create economic opportunities.

Vienna, WV awards cleanup contract for Johns Manville site

Site Characterization

Site characterization involves a thorough investigation of all available information about a contaminated site and is the first step to hazardous waste remediation. The primary objectives of site characterization are to identify the nature and extent of contamination. This includes identifying the types of contaminants present, the quantity and extent of contamination, and the phases in which it is occurring (i.e. is it in groundwater only, or is it adsorbed to soil?). JHC then uses the results of the site characterization to design and execute a remediation system tailored to meet your site needs.

How will JHC Characterize Your Site?

In general, JHC will:

  • Review available historic site records for information pertaining to the potential presence of contamination.
  • Inspect the site for additional evidence of contamination and evaluate areas of concern identified during the record search.
  • Conduct sampling to characterize extent and magnitude of contamination.


Hydroseeding is an efficient, high quality, and inexpensive method of seeding a lawn. The technique causes speedy seed germination and can be utilized to stop erosion quickly. Typically a new lawn will begin to sprout in 2-3 weeks. Great for eliminating or reducing dust pollution. Contact us for more information.


  • Contaminated Soil Exacavation, Transportation and Disposal
  • Site Restoration
  • Groundwater Treatment
  • Environmental Health & Safety Oversight
  • Vac Truck Services

After a tractor trailer roll over in the medium near Rockport WV, on I-77, the diesel tanks of a tractor trailer were compromised allowing diesel fuel to spill onto the ground. Jimmie Harper Construction was contacted to provide remediation of the soil. JHC worked with the WV Department of Environmental Protection to clean up this spill. JHC utilized a vac truck to remove the liquid fuel and soil mixture, then excavated the area. Once the soil was deemed free of contamination, the site was back filled to grade. Seed was placed on prepared soil and covered with straw.